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Educational platform – « QuébécoisEs, musulmanEs… et après? »

This section is for teachers and members of the school team who wish to address the realities of people of Muslim faith or culture and living together in Québec.

The teacher’s guide uses photos, audio interviews and texts written for the exhibition in the context of a Learning and Evaluation Situation (LES) and two other pedagogical activities to be carried out in the classroom. It also provides instructions on how to present the exhibition in schools as well as educational activities that articulate with the materials in the exhibition.

The guide contains information and pedagogical resources that enable a better understanding of the reality of Muslims who are an integral part of Québec’s social fabric.


The teacher’s guide is divided into four main sections:

Who are Québec’s Muslims?

This informative text covers four aspects of the lives of the Muslims explored in this exhibition: namely, daily life, spirituality and religion, professional path and citizen engagement.

Learning and evaluation situation (LES)

The LES is for teachers of Ethics and Religious Culture, and comprises eight activities, including one that can be carried out as an interdisciplinary activity in the English Language Arts class. The activities are organized around certain competencies from the targeted programs and propose a specific series of steps.

The LES can be used in its entirety (including all eight activities) or in parts (one or several of the activities). The order in which the activities are carried out as well as the time and material required are suggested as a possible approach. However, it is best to start with Activity 1, since it serves as the basis for Activities 2 and 3.

 Complementary pedagogical activities

This section of the guide proposes activities that can be carried out in various subjects: English Language Arts, Drama, Ethics and Religious Culture, History, etc. The activities are an opportunity for students to interact with people of Muslim faith (or perceived as such) and to engage in dialogue.

Presentation of the exhibition at your school and educational activities

The steps you should follow in presenting the exhibition Québécois and Muslim… What Does the Future Hold? at your school are explained in this section. It also provides suggestions for educational activities that can be carried out while the exhibition is on display in order to optimize reflection among the students and anyone else who attends the exhibition. These activities can be led by the members of the school team or by teachers across all disciplines.

DOWNLOAD the Teacher’s Guide

To carry out the activities in this guide, it is important to have on hand the portraits document (PDF), which contains the exhibition photos and accompanying tests. It can be obtained in the section PORTRAITS DOCUMENT.

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The document (PDF) which contains the exhibition photos and accompanying tests can be obtained by completing this form

Document of portraits

Available in French only.

Des entrevues ont été réalisées avec 12 des protagonistes de l’exposition. Vous pouvez les écouter ci-dessous. Entrevues réalisées par Anne Laguë, Productions Pied-de-Biche.
























Maria’M is a feminist dialogue group between Christian and Muslim women whose members are committed to gender equality within their religious traditions and in society.